Research Services

Our company takes care of all types of research. We have expertise in an Inductive research approach associated with qualitative research and also a deductive research approach associated with quantitative research.

Virtual Assistants For Research

Virtual assistants for internet research are very effective. In our research services, we allocate the best virtual assistants for you

Quick Turnaround Time

Research can be a time consuming activity. However, our virtual assistants are fast enough to promise you a quick turnaround time for quality deliverables.

Cost effective

Our virtual assistants know where to search what.Hence there is a drastic cost reduction in hiring them through us


The Best Research Services Services On The Web

Develop a Research Survey/Questionnaire

Our market research assistant will gather all the statistical information out of the research questionnaire survey.


Prepare Research Reports and Presentations

Our virtual assistants will help you with your presentations. They will also assist in preparing research results in the format that you require.

Data Collection/Mining

Data mining and data collections are time and resource consuming activity as a huge amount of data is involved. Let our virtual assistants take care of it.


Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Our virtual assistants provide you service for quantitative Research by analyzing through surveys and observations. We guarantee to provide you a numerical output of research. We are also experts at qualitative research by using techniques to provide rich data by analyzing through surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Academic Research

Our virtual assistants do a systematic investigation on the situation to derive opinions or facts taking care of precision, objectivity, and formality in the information shared to you.

Data Tabulation

Tabulation of data for better statistical analysis and comparison is now made easy for you as our virtual assistants are fast and competent in this field.

How We Win for You

Our company believes that mobile app design and development doesn’t need to be complicated. It should be creative, collaborative, and beneficial to all parties.

1. Defining the requirements

Our executives have a detailed session with the client to get the requirements clearly. We review the requirement and come up with an execution plan which is frozen after the client's approval.

2. Allocate the right virtual assistant

Based on the requirement, the right Virtual assistant is allocated so that we can deliver with quality exactly what is expected out of us.

3. Do the research 

Data is gathered, processed, and then formatted as per the type of research being done. The generated data is sent to the client for review and approval. Once approved, it is to the client.

Why should you outsource research services to us?

Our virtual assistants are already trained in this domain. We have already delivered many projects and gained customer confidence. Our services are time and cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your employees experienced and trained?

Our virtual assistants are well trained in oral and written communication, document handling, and computer knowledge. We train them regularly on the latest technologies. They have good work experience with local and international clients.

Q: How is my business improved by using your virtual assistant?

We save time, cost, and manpower expenditure overheads. Our research output will be with rich data through which you can easily infer business opportunities.

Q: Are your services available anytime?

We are available 24/7. Our virtual assistants are available as and when you need our service.

Q: How can I ensure the confidentiality of our transaction?

Data confidentiality and security plays a very role in maintaining a healthy relationship between us and clients. Hence we invest in a secure network and storage for sharing and receiving data. Your data is secure with us.

Q: What kind of resources do you use for research?

Based on the type of research, we use different resources. In the case of scholarly research, news articles or journals will be the resource. In qualitative research, we use forums, interviews. For quantitative research, we use surveys, questionnaires, and polls. We do a deep analysis and research to bring out the required information.

Q: How do I contact an representative?

Our representative will get back to you as soon as we receive your inquiry through contact us form.

Our virtual assistants are available for your service all round the year.

To outsource any research service, kindly connect to us through email or phone. Further details are available on our website.