About Accentra Software

Niche solutions that are the right fit for clients, uncompromised quality and convenience of benefit – these are the foundational pillars of Accentra Software. With the essential objective of giving quality outsourcing solutions that are not as it was fetched successful but also client-centric, approximately Accentra Software services were begun in 2011 with a small team and nowadays we are a team of 100+ specialists working for assorted clients from different areas. We pride ourselves in long-enduring connections with our clients and we have recorded an uncommon and steady development in our capacity as a BPO services provider. Perused on to memorize approximately our expertise, teams and what you can expect from our services. It has been our sincere endeavor to guarantee that our services are not as it were the proper fit but moreover give esteem expansion to our clients and the development and victory stories of our clients are a confirmation to our BPO Services.


The Advantages

Emphasis remains in supporting our clients in each conceivable way. Here at Accentra Software, we believe in giving services which can make our clients feel more comfortable in running their trade and making complex forms into less difficult solutions. Following are a few of the benefits our clients are getting after partnering with Us.