Accentra Software

Niche solutions that are the right fit for clients, uncompromised quality and convenience of benefit – these are the foundational pillars of Accentra. With the essential objective of giving quality outsourcing solutions that are not as it was fetched successful but also client-centric, approximately Accentra services were begun in 2012 with a small team and nowadays we are a team of 100+ specialists working for assorted clients from different areas. We pride ourselves in long-enduring connections with our clients and we have recorded an uncommon and steady development in our capacity as a BPO services provider. Perused on to memorize approximately our expertise, teams and what you can expect from our services. It has been our sincere endeavor to guarantee that our services are not as it were the proper fit but moreover give esteem expansion to our clients and the development and victory stories of our clients are a confirmation to our BPO Services.

Technical Skills

Our group of qualified program experts is well-versed with the most recent web advances, PHP, Drupal, HTML5, Python, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, Oracle, and MS SQL.

Web Design
Mobile Apps
Back Office

About Us

Accentra Software is an IT company based in India, with a world-class standard for quality. This company was started with one principle in mind: To be able to make a client’s idea come to life. Since our first day of operation, all of our staff have this in mind, making every client a satisfied one by bringing them the product they expected, almost as if they had made it themselves. We deliver the best results only, with the best technologies to provide the best result at a very attractive price.
Accentra Software’s staff are experts in their respective fields, so any project you have for us will have the best people behind it, our staff are also friendly and have excellent attention to our clients. We provide services such as web development and mobile apps, always with cutting-edge technology and with a guarantee that your result will be the optimal one. Our staff team is integrated by SEO experts, professional designers, experienced programmers, excellent marketers and platform and technology specialized staff.

To consistently deliver the best results for our customers, we pledge to never overprice or overcharge for any service and to always have helpful and expert staff who are looking forward to assisting you. Our main focus here in Accentra Software is client satisfaction, hence we strive to help you understand the work we are doing for you, this is to make sure that you know the medium quality of the job, and to make sure we exceed that quality with our superior employees and technologies. We make sure to hear any suggestions you may have and correct them immediately, with our comprehensive staff, and to make every change you see necessary, in order to accomplish our first and most important idea: To make a client’s idea come to life.

Our goal is to expand and be a bigger company in the future so we can deliver our quality work to more places in the world. Another one of our ideals is to keep the same “small company feel” when treating customers but delivering and outdoing the work the enterprise giants would, but by treating every customer as if it was our only one and to handle your project in the best way possible. We also want to be a “brand-free” company to offer everything that fits your needs and avoid being forced to use the products of the most advertised companies.