Data Services


Data Processing.

Data Entry

Accentra software will take care of all data processing services including scanning, sorting, validation, aggregation, classification, analysis conversion, summarization, and archiving, ensuring accuracy and security of your data. We have the best professionals to deliver on time with quality.


We follow multiple measures like the latest software, multiple reviews, robust standards to maintain accuracy in our data entry work. Our team is well trained on these parameters.


Your information security is our utmost responsibility. To ensure confidentiality, we use the latest technology and secure network to store data. Access to these data is limited. Security audits are conducted regularly.

Delivery on time

We maintain faster turn-around time by using the latest tools, upload/download systems, and experienced resources to work on.

Comprehensive Data Entry

Some of our major services include data processing service, data analytics services, data mining services, optical character recognition services, and indexing services.

The Best Data Entry Services On The Web

Offline and Online Data Entry

We offer online and offline data entry services to clients from varied industries. We provide phenomenal service in varied offline and online services such as form processing, data capture and collection, data entry for E-Books, and catalogs.

Image Data Entry

We are experts in identifying and converting images to any format as per the client’s requirement. Image capturing, image storage, image keying, sorting, tagging, and retrieval are our forte.

Data Cleansing

Our data cleanup services can be utilized once the method of OCR is completed. OCR Cleanup kills the chances of a few information lost and recovering misplaced information. Our services moreover guarantee that misinterpret characters which lead to blunders are amended. 

Database Data Entry

Our reliable, specialized data entry specialists have expertise in doing data entry to various databases like SQL, Oracle, MS Access. We have several data security policies to keep your data safe.

Mailing List Data Entry

To promote the overall communication process in the client’s business, we derive a mailing list post-analysis of requirements and target audience. A non-disclosure agreement is signed to maintain the security and privacy of data.

E-book Data Entry

In the current digital world, Ebooks are the latest amongst avid readers. We will take care of document scanning, formatting, and converting documents into publication-ready digital content professionally.

Handwritten/Printed Source Data Entry

We provide service to scan and analyze hard copies such as handwritten journals, memos, letters, and documents. We follow a stringent process involving briefing, analyzing using the latest tools, reviewing and providing the retrieved information output in digital format such as word, ppt, excel as per the client’s requirement.

Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry

We capture information from various sources about various products offered by different organizations. From this, we retrieve required information using Optical character recognition( OCR), Intelligent character recognition(ICR), Optical Mark Recognition(OMR), and transform to reports which showcase multiple metrics such as statistics and key outcomes.

Text and Numeric Data Entry

We are a reliable data entry service that uses innovative technologies such as Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and Intelligent character recognition(ICR) to capture text and numbers. In this fast-paced business environment, we deliver with precision to maintain the credibility of our work.

Data Mining

Data is growing each day. We have the expertise to process and examine raw data to generate new information. Web data mining, E-book data mining, social media, multimedia mining are some of the types of data mining services we provide.

Best Technology In Data Mining

Using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning in data mining we are able to bring the best information out of the raw data.

A Secure Data Mining Process

Privacy and security of data is the biggest concern in data mining. Personal data and sensitive information should be safeguarded. Hence we adhere to privacy-preserving data mining(PPDM) which preserves the privacy of data without disturbing the utility of data.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand the business requirements, follow the process to come up with a data mining plan, prepare and process the data, evaluate, and deliver. We promise to work to provide a quick turnaround time.

Customized Services

Data mining works on multiple parameters to get the required output. Our client is free to provide all the parameters or filters in their business requirement. We will come up with a plan accordingly and deliver.

What do we have to offer you

We have the experience, knowledge, technology awareness, and commitment to providing you with the best analysis through data mining.

Web Data Mining

We extract useful information from the web such as text, audio, video, images. We then dig into the data to get knowledgeable information. We further offer web content, web structure, and web usage mining services using the latest technologies like OEM- Object exchange model, web data extraction language, and top-down extraction strategy.

E-book Data Mining

We have our expert team which handles the extraction of data from E-books to deliver you the results.

eCommerce Data Mining

The clustering technique and strategic layout technique are adopted for data mining in the E-Commerce sector. The patterned data as the output of the mining process helps businesses understand the marketing changes based on which they can elevate their business.

Social Media Data Mining

Social media mining services collect user-generated data from all social media channels and extract data in patterns that help businesses, analysts, researchers to analyze social trends, social spams, and even social heat mapping. We use robust technologies like association and classification to mine data from social media.

Multimedia, Image, and Text Data Mining

Automatic information extraction from text or written resources like books, Email, documents, articles are also taken care of by us. We undertake text mining tasks like text categorization, text clustering to derive patterns with structured data.

Service, Product, and Brand Feedback Search

Through this service, you can track all the feedback or comments which users post about your company or business. Neutral language processing(NLP) is used to reap required information which can be taken up by the company to improve or work on.

Research Services

Our company takes care of all types of research. We have expertise in an Inductive research approach associated with qualitative research and also a deductive research approach associated with quantitative research.

Virtual Assistants For Research

Using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning in data mining we are able to bring the best information out of the raw data.

Quick Turnaround Time

Privacy and security of data is the biggest concern in data mining. Personal data and sensitive information should be safeguarded. Hence we adhere to privacy-preserving data mining(PPDM) which preserves the privacy of data without disturbing the utility of data.

Cost effective

Our virtual assistants know where to search what. Hence there is a drastic cost reduction in hiring them through us

The Best Research Services Services On The Web

Develop a Research Survey/Questionnaire

Our market research assistant will gather all the statistical information out of the research questionnaire survey.

Prepare Research Reports and Presentations

Our virtual assistants will help you with your presentations. They will also assist in preparing research results in the format that you require.

Data Collection/Mining

Data mining and data collections are time and resource consuming activity as a huge amount of data is involved. Let our virtual assistants take care of it.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Our virtual assistants provide you service for quantitative Research by analyzing through surveys and observations. We guarantee to provide you a numerical output of research. We are also experts at qualitative research by using techniques to provide rich data by analyzing through surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Academic Research

Our virtual assistants do a systematic investigation on the situation to derive opinions or facts taking care of precision, objectivity, and formality in the information shared to you.

Data Tabulation

Tabulation of data for better statistical analysis and comparison is now made easy for you as our virtual assistants are fast and competent in this field.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services

Let us take care of your operational services and you can utilize that time on your core business.

Cost Effective VA Services

Once outsourced, manpower expenditures like payroll taxes, employee benefits will not be there. You don’t even have to worry about space allocation.

Highly Trained and Tech Savvy

Our team is ready to provide virtual assistance in any domain as they are technically proficient and also have the business knowledge. The team is skilled to use tools that are the latest and apt for that requirement.

Process and Workflow-Oriented

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

Our Virtual Assistance Solutions

Basic Office Administration

Our virtual assistants will efficiently take care of all your office work like managing Emails, booking appointments, making travel arrangements as we have the best communication, time management, and organizational skills.

Office Document Management

Our virtual assistants are skilled in word processing, pdf, or excel documentation creation. We also do file management in a very organized and professional manner

Transcription and Audio Typing

We take care of general transcription like transcribing conference calls, digital audio. We also take up legal and medical transcription. Our transcribers have good hearing skill, fast typing skill, good vocabulary, and have an understanding of the formats which clients look for.


Companies may have to spend more time and money if they have to take up research work by themselves. Outsource this work to us to get results. We have experts who can research on various domains like market research, opinion studies, and brand positioning research.

Online marketing

Our virtual assistants will take care of digital marketing for you. You can outsource Email marketing, content management, social media management, and editing and proofreading your online content.

e-Commerce and SKU Management

We take care of managing your inventory by warehousing or processing. We manage raw materials, work in progress, and finished products. Our stock-keeping unit (SKU) management service helps you in tracking the stock. We also offer E-commerce services to manage your online store and activities around them.

Data Entry and Typing Services

We provide very efficient, fast, and accurate virtual assistants for various typing jobs as well as data entry works.


Your documents will now be reviewed and by us. We provide proofreading service through which we check for the spelling error, syntax.

Graphic design

Every professional project requires visual branding. Our graphic designing services will provide visual concepts using the best tools and techniques to captivate users.

Social media management

We provide services to manage your social media activities like blogging, content sharing, video sharing and creatively design social campaigns.

Search engine optimizationSurvey/Questionnaire Data Entry

We create best-in-class email marketing software to create, send and track email campaigns that will earn results.