Data Entry

Accentra software will take care of all data processing services including scanning, sorting, validation, aggregation, classification, analysis conversion, summarization, and archiving, ensuring accuracy and security of your data. We have the best professionals to deliver on time with quality.


We follow multiple measures like the latest software, multiple reviews, robust standards to maintain accuracy in our data entry work. Our team is well trained on these parameters.


Your information security is our utmost responsibility. To ensure confidentiality, we use the latest technology and secure network to store data. Access to these data is limited. Security audits are conducted regularly.

Delivery on time

We maintain faster turn-around time by using the latest tools, upload/download systems, and experienced resources to work on.

Comprehensive Data Entry Services

Some of our major services include data processing service, data analytics services, data mining services, optical character recognition services, and indexing services.

The Best Data Entry Services On The Web

Offline and Online Data Entry

We offer online and offline data entry services to clients from varied industries. We provide phenomenal service in varied offline and online services such as form processing, data capture and collection, data entry for E-Books, and catalogs.

Image Data Entry

We are experts in identifying and converting images to any format as per the client’s requirement. Image capturing, image storage, image keying, sorting, tagging, and retrieval are our forte.

Text and Numeric Data Entry

We are a reliable data entry service that uses innovative technologies such as Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and Intelligent character recognition(ICR) to capture text and numbers. In this fast-paced business environment, we deliver with precision to maintain the credibility of our work.

Database Data Entry

Our reliable, specialized data entry specialists have expertise in doing data entry to various databases like SQL, Oracle, MS Access. We have several data security policies to keep your data safe.

Mailing List Data Entry

To promote the overall communication process in the client’s business, we derive a mailing list post-analysis of requirements and target audience. A non-disclosure agreement is signed to maintain the security and privacy of data.

E-book Data Entry

In the current digital world, Ebooks are the latest amongst avid readers. We will take care of document scanning, formatting, and converting documents into publication-ready digital content professionally.

Handwritten/Printed Source Data Entry

We provide service to scan and analyze hard copies such as handwritten journals, memos, letters, and documents. We follow a stringent process involving briefing, analyzing using the latest tools, reviewing and providing the retrieved information output in digital format such as word, ppt, excel as per the client’s requirement.

Survey/Questionnaire Data Entry

We capture information from various sources about various products offered by different organizations. From this, we retrieve required information using Optical character recognition( OCR), Intelligent character recognition(ICR), Optical Mark Recognition(OMR), and transform to reports which showcase multiple metrics such as statistics and key outcomes.

Data Cleansing

We provide software development services in: PHP, Drupal, Python, JavaScript/ jQuery and other modern technologies.

How do we stand out in Providing Services

We are technically sound to understand the usage of the right software tools. Following the correct process, keeping our commitment to deliver with quality has helped us excel in this field.

1. Briefing with the client

We discuss with clients to understand their requirements clearly and get the required files in a secure way through VPN, FTP. We also finalize how the final output will be shared back to them.

2. Data Verification and Validation

Even before we start processing data, we ensure that we have them all that is required. We verify the data that we have received either hard copy or soft copy against what was decided to be given to us. In case of any discrepancies. we sort them out with the client.

3. Perform Data Entry

Depending on the type of process our data entry specialists start working on the data which may be the offline or online type of data entry.

4. Work on output 

Our data entry specialists process the data and provide them in the required format which could be HTML zipped files, documents in word/ppt/excel formats, database formats, image files.

5. Quality Assurance

We adhere to a quality check process before we deliver. Quality is never compromised. A defined quality assurance team works on checking the quality of the output deliverable through checks such as manual check, data contamination check through proper tools, proofreading.

6. Deliver the output 

We take ultimate care to deliver the files or data processing output in the format that was agreed during the briefing session. Based on the client's decision, the files can be transferred through secure networks like VPN/FTP or handed through Emails.

Value-added services

We increase your productivity

You can focus your time on your core business while we take care of your operations. We can handle all types of data entry operations manual, online, offline, database, image processing with high turn around time.

Your data is secure with us

We have robust data access management. Hence your data is secure with us from start to end of process completion. Based on the agreement in the non disclosure document, the raw data will be handled. Hence confidentiality is maintained. Our advanced technological systems will take care of security on priority.

We make your tedious work interesting to us

Data management can be very time consuming if not done in an organized and timely manner. You're in house team can find it time-consuming, monotonous, and tedious. You e To bear this load. Instead, we take off all of these and data will be at your end in the format you need.

Our subject matter experts for your work such

Our technically strong team is up to date in the latest technologies - ICR, OCR, IDR, intelligent capture, robotic process automation which are critical for executing our tasks to provide quality deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the output file formats?

In case the output is a file, it can be image formats like .jpeg, .png. In case they are digital documents, it can be .doc, .pptx, .xlsx, .pdf. The output can also be in a database format such as .mdb.

Q. What are the charges for data entry services?

Our services are cost-effective. We provide high-quality service at affordable prices. Our pricing structure depends on multiple factors such as type of data entry service chosen, volume and complexity of work, technology to be used, expected delivery timelines. An exact estimate can be provided when our executive will have a detailed discussion with the client. kindly contact to know more.

Q. Is the contract mandatory?

We do not require a contract as we believe in being flexible. We will complete the requirement and deliver output with quality and within the agreed timelines.

Q. What are the different data conversion services you provide?

We have a wide range of services under data conversion. We process and convert any document, file, or data to XML format in document conversion. Word conversion, PDF conversion, HTML conversion are also undertaken. Physical books are converted to digital books in book conversion. Ebook format conversion, catalog conversion, and SGML conversion are also taken care of.

Q. Whom do we connect with to start using the service?

Please connect with us through our website. You are free to Email or give us a phone call. Our executives will be more than happy to attend you and take up your requirement. All the contact details are available on our website.

Q. What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time mainly depends on the service type, complexity, and other factors present in the requirement. During the requirement gathering phase, we will assess and propose a finalize the turnaround time.

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